Pro Tips & Photo Tour

Image Not Available#1 Par 5 524 477 421 421

#1 A great chance to start your round with a birdie. A strong drive up the left side of the fairway opens up the hole to a left-to-right shot, but the green is small and surrounded by trouble. If your tee shot is less than perfect, the best layup is to … More Details
Hole #1 Sponsored By – Western Financial Group

Image Not Available#2 Par 4 418 395 357 357

#2 Creston’s “road hole”. A tough uphill par 4. Challenge the out-of-bounds with a center right tee shot and you’re rewarded with the best angle into the flat (by Creston standards), firm green with subtle breaks. A high 2nd … More Details

Image Not Available#3 Par 4 382 371 312 312

#3 A tee shot right of the large pine tree gives a good angle for your 2nd shot. Long hitters can go left of the pine, over the bunker, to leave a simple uphill pitch to a difficult green. A little local knowledge helps with… More Details
Hole #3 Sponsored By – Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

Image Not Available#4 Par 3 178 160 160 104

#4 Creston’s first par 3 is all about elevation, wind direction, and club selection. The green slopes right to left more … More Details

Image Not Available#5 Par 4 326 297 297 250

#5 This short right-angle dogleg left looks tight off the tee, but opens generously to the left past the row of trees. A shot close to the bunker, visible straight ahead, if it stays in … More Details

Image Not Available#6 Par 3 117 102 102 95

#6 Creston’s most “aceable” par 3. It should be easy, but beware of a back pin on a windy day. An ace gets you an … More Details
Hole #6 Sponsored By – Canyon Street Furniture

Image Not Available#7 Par 5 535 526 526 490

#7 Truly Creston’s signature hole, the 360 degree view rivals any in golf. A huge elevation drop and a wide fairway make eagles a possibility. Left center of the fairway presents … More Details

Image Not Available#8 Par 4 373 362 329 329

#8 Requires a solid tee shot left of the imposing fir tree (225 yards from the white tees), for the best opportunity to approach this elevated, multi-tiered … More Details

Image Not Available#9 Par 4 328 316 316 265

#9 Rebuilt in 2006, this short hole replaces the old #9 (with a green as severe as any on a US open course). Most locals feel the new green isn’t that … More Details

Image Not Available#10 Par 3 227 207 176 176

#10 One tough par 3. The easiest up and down is from short of the hole. It’s difficult from… More Details

Image Not Available#11 Par 5 516 468 435 435

#11 A very forgiving driving hole, if you don’t go left, and an easy par 5 if you can figure out the subtleties of the green. Most putts break … More Details

Image Not Available #12 Par 4 353 343 295 295

#12 A truly dramatic dogleg par 4. Some go for the green but most locals only do that in scrambles, having lost many balls in the attempt. Off the tee, the hole presents two relatively… More Details

Image Not Available #13 Par 3 161 147 147 118

#13 This green has two tiers, right and left. Putting from the wrong tier may be hazardous to your score. “Members’ bounces” abound, including an… More Details

Image Not Available #14 Par 4 354 334 334 296

#14 The pond is 205 yards off the white tee on this dogleg right. The middle of the fairway, short of the pond is your most level lie. Driving over the pond yields a better… More Details

Image Not Available #15 Par 4 336 302 302 270

#15 Most locals play short of the ditch 180-190 yards off the white tees, for a level approach to a flat, firm green not visible from this landing area. Long hitters sometimes… More Details

Image Not Available #16 Par 4 450 396 330 330

#16 A difficult drive, a difficult 2nd shot, and a difficult putt and you’ve just birdied Creston’s toughest par 4, (Locally thought to be one the hardest holes in… More Details

Image Not Available #17 Par 4 391 381 308 308

#17 A birdie hole after a perfect tee shot on this dogleg. How’s your 240 yard delicate draw (power fade for you lefties)? Did I mention… More Details

Image Not Available #18 Par 5 539 523 469 469

#18 This finishing par 5 plays longer than its 500 yards, as the landing areas slope uphill, and don’t yield much roll. For a level lie and a straight line into … More Details

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